January 2023 – The Metamorphosis of a Kentucky Freelance Writer

To My WickedWriter Visitors –

After nearly 25 years of working online as some version of a “wicked” writer – first as the owner of WickedWordcraft and later as WickedWriter – I have enjoyed a great deal of entrepreneurial success. I am thankful to all my clients throughout the years and those people who trusted me with their business, their professional “voice,” and their marketing.

Today, the world has changed. I, too, have changed. I have grown, become more aware, discovered a deeper connection with God, and gained a bit of wisdom along the way.

(If you can’t grow in these ways in 25 years, you need to give it up, IMHO.)

As a result of these personal strides forward, as well as the changes in the world around me, I no longer feel that the “wicked” brand is a good fit. When I launched it, the word “wicked” was being used as a creative version of the word “extreme.” Something that was “wicked good” was extremely good, a person who was “wicked smart” was brilliant. Now, there’s too much old-school definition of “wicked” in the world to suit me and I no longer want to use that word.

It was a difficult decision to forfeit 25 years of online identity, especially one I painstakingly built by hand, but it’s a decision I had to make. Yes, I’ve worked hard, perhaps I’ve even earned the success, but without the grace of God, without the opportunities brought to me by good people, without the trust and confidence of my clients, it would never have happened – no matter how hard I worked or tried to earn it.

So I’m grateful. So very grateful. I am blessed and I have lived a charmed life – personally and professionally – and it is with deep gratitude that I now retire WickedWriter and invite any visitors here to evolve with me and visit me at CharmedPen.com for writing services and Cool Jazz Web Design for design, content & marketing services.

Thank you!

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