My Professional Background

I'm an entrepreneur who has been assisting clients worldwide with their marketing needs and creating online content since 1999. A technology geek and English major, I served as President of the International Virtual Assistants Association and have mentored digital workers and other entrepreneurs since 2000. Before launching my own online business, I served as the managing editor of a small newspaper, a political campaign media coordinator, a public relations consultant, fundraiser, and event planner. Want to know more? Great!

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My Online Business

Before you go into business with someone, it's nice to get to know them. In the technology mecca we inhabit today, that can be a bit difficult. You have to search social media platforms, essentially becoming a digital detective, or you have to spend "getting to know you" time on the phone with service providers who will probably charge you for the privilege. So rather than putting you through those paces, I thought I'd just lay it all out for you... you know, if you REALLY want to know.

My story is a long and winding road but you are welcome to take the tour.


How My Writing Business Has Evolved

1999 - 2001

CumberlanDunes Consulting

I launched my first website and started offering writing services and virtual assistance online before remote work was a common practice. This business combined my professional experiences in journalism and public relations with my love of technology and writing.

Although I had done contract work before in PR, marketing, campaign media, and writing services, this was my first full-time online business. It was a brave, bold, and incredibly scary step into the unknown! It was also the best professional decision I ever made.

2002 - 2008

Wicked WordCraft

In an effort to niche my writing services from other virtual assistant services and to market myself more succinctly, I changed my business name from CumberlanDunes and launched and my business took off! I started serving clients across the USA and took on international clients.

2008 - 2021

Wicked Writer

My business niche went deeper with this name change and the matching URL The website design services I had been performing transitioned to a new business partnership ( in 2015. I developed the content and design for our client websites and my partner took over the custom programming. This permitted my own business to focus on writing, content development, and organic SEO marketing.


2022 - NOW

The Charmed Pen

In late 2021 it became evident that the "wicked" portion of my moniker was no longer a good fit. Although it had been my professional identity for over 20 years, it was time to take a step in a fresh new direction. As I began to actively pursue the creative writing aspect of my career, alongside serving my writing and content clients, I secured a more "charming" professional identity.